Friday, August 17, 2007

Dress up time

My daughter loves to dress up. It doesn't matter if it is dresses, fireman hats, superheroes or her brothers shoes and clothes. At Christmas last year she got some princess gowns to add to her collection and tried to get myself and my mother to put them was a trial to tell her we would not fit in them. But we had to take a picture with them "on". She is so funny, those clothes are constantly on her or on the floor in the living room. She even tried to get her brother McKean to try one on. That would have been a great pic to post!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Other family?

Yes I have other family members...but they like to avoid the camera...resistence is futile!

Summer Fun

My kids are goobers, that's why I love them so much. This summer has been crazy! We weren't looking for a new house, but fell into one that we couldn't pass up. So for the past month we have been moving and trying to get settled, infact we just got our internet back in order 2 days ago. Hopefully this means I will be more deligent about blogging on a more regular basis.

I think the summer just flew off like a jet plane. The younger two, Sarah and McKean, got to spend a lot of time with their Grammy and Papa. Bible school and birthday parties and just having a blast, especially once the rain decided to taper off. Now it's bike rides and games in the early evening. Micheal and Connor got to go to scout camp...and tried not to drown. Everything they owned was wet the entire week, but they had fun anyway. Mike also went to wrestling camp at OSU. Now we are all back in the swing of school!

I don't know, in a perfect world we would only have to work when our kids were in school. Be home when they got home(both parents), out for vacation...even summer. That would be cool. Then we could do tons of stuff know all those things you wish you could do, but never seem to be able to schedule the time to do. I guess this way we can get excited about special things that we do get to do together. Good luck to all that start school, have a great year!